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Enlarge your breasts the Natural Way

Ameri-Breast, A Natural Breast Enhancement Product

The size of your breasts are mostly predetermined by genetics. Some women are not happy with what genetics has bestowed unpon them, and they try many things to enlarge their breast size. Some try creams that contain phytoestrogens to naturally increase their breast size, some use breast pumps, others use hypnoses, and the list goes on and on of how women have tried natural means to enlargement there breasts.

Natural breast enlargement is not a new discovery. According to Folklore medicine certain herbs have been used for centuries for naturally enlarging breasts. Many women dream of having larger breasts, many opt for breast implants. While the safety of breast implants is very controversial, many naturopaths recommend trying the natural breast enlargement method first using diet, pectoral exercises that lift the breast, and herbs that might prove helpful in providing a modest breast size increase.

The only thing new with natural breast enlargement pills using herbs, is that we now understand how and why certain herbs can cause breasts to enlarge which is a mastogenic effect. To fully understand natural breast enlargement, we will first explain what causes a female to develope breasts.

The female body around ages 10-13 goes thru what is called puberty. Prior to proberty, estrogens are secreted in small quantities. Following puberty however, the quantity of estrogens secreted under the influence of the pituitary hormones (FHS, LH) increases some 20 fold or more and attach to binder sites. At this time the female breast enlarges and changes from that of a child to that of an adult. Estrogens effect on the breast growth process causes fat deposition, development of the stromal tissues of the breast and growth of an extensive ductile system resulting in breast enlargement. Along with estrogen, progesterone and prolactin are secreted in higher quantities from the ovaries after puberty and again attach to binder sites. These two hormones are responsible for growth of the lobules and alveoli of the female breast determining growth and function of these structures. In summary, the estrogens initiate breast enlargement and are responsible for the characteristic external appearance of the enlarged mature female breast but do not complete converting the breasts into milk producing organs.

Progesterone promotes development of the lobules and alveoli of the female breasts causing the alveolar cells to proliferate to enlarge the breasts and to become secretory in nature. However, progesterone does not cause the alveoli of the female breast to secrete milk unless stimulated by prolactin from the pituitary. Progesterone causes the female breasts to enlarge partially due to changes in the lobules and alveoli, but also partly from increased fluid retention in subcutaneous tissues. The female body contains millions of protein binder sites upon which estrogen, progesterone and prolactin can attach to using only a fraction of what is available. Some herbs, are phytoestrogenic in nature which means they are chemical similar to estrogen, but weaker, can bind to these unused receptor sites, causing yet another significant increase in hormone levels, causing the female and male breasts to enlarge to their natural maximum size. This is the scientific approach to natural breast enlargement pills using herbs.

The side effect of birth control pills also increasing breast size is caused by this same principle

After childbirth and with normal aging it is common that as hormone levels drop, the breasts become less firm and full. It is in this group of ladies, that we see the greatest success with Ameri-Breast, our natural breast enlargement product.

Herbs with phytoestrogencic properties

Fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graceum): seeds and sprouts have been used for centuries as a breast enlargement herb. Fenugreek seeds contain a fair amount of diosgenin, a chemical compound that’s often used to create semisynthetic forms of the female sex hormone estrogen.

Adverse affects of Fenugreek: Fenugreek has a cross sensitivity to peanuts, so if you are allergic to peanuts, you could also be allergic to Fenugreek. Fenugreek has also been shown to lower blood glucose levels when ingesting 10-15 grams twice daily. Fenugreek has also been known to leave an odor of maple syrup when ingesting 10-15 grams twice daily. Ameri-breast contains less than 10% of those dosages, and no one has reported low glucose or odor, but none the less we caution diabetics.

Fennel (foeniculum vulgare): Fennel is another estrogenic herb.

Adverse effects of fennel Fennel: has Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status in the US (4912). Fennel should be used if breast feeding. Reports of increased menstrual bleeding have also been reported.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens): The berries of the plant is best known of its popularity in men. But a century again, this herb was best known as a folk approach to breast enlargement. Naturopathic physicians continue to recommend it for natural breast enlargement.

Adverse effects of saw palmetto: Saw Palmetto has Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status in the US and has been used safely in clinical studies lasting up to a year.

Wild Yam. (Dioscorea villosa): Wild Yam extract has estrogenic properties.

Adverse effects: The comprehensive natural database list no known interactions between drugs, other herbs, or foods.

Ameri-Breast natural breast enlargement pills: formula was formulated with the above data in mind. The herbs, according to folklore medicine have been used for centuries, and here at the Herbal Extract company of North America, only the concentrated and purest forms of plants extracts are used in our products.


Do not use this product if you are allergic to peanuts. Use with caution if you are diabetic or if you are on blood thinners